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Caravans to the Convention


Several chapters are planning caravans to the Convention in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Why not join the fun of participating in a caravan? A  website has been setup to coordinate the caravan activities. See the link below.

Other caravans may be forming that may not be affiliated with this link. You may want to check CorvairCenter or VirtualVairs if this link doesn't cover your area. 

The Convention logo shown below is being utilized by some of the caravans to make flags, magnets, or other items to identify they are caravaning to the convention. Although I.C.E. supports the use of this logo by caravans, no individual or group is to monetarily benefit from the use of the logo except those that would normally benefit from the Convention profits.

The Iowa Corvair Enthusiasts supports and encourages the idea of groups of Corvair enthusiasts caravaning to the convention, however, I.C.E. will not monetarily support the caravans and I.C.E. is not responsible for anything that happens during those caravans.